„An aristocratic message – 75 years afterwards“ exhibition


Venue: Spolkový dům  Kutná Hora

Lierova ul. č. 146, Kutná Hora

Time: from 27 May to 10 July 2016

Opening hours: 10:00am – 17:00p

Free admition

Exhibition takes about 1 hour


An aristocratic message – 75 years afterwards exhibition deals about an initiatives of Czech nobility in tough times when was in a highest distress of Nazism in 1938 and 1939. The representatives signed two declarations in which they express their unreserved commitment to their motherland and Czech people. The main article will particularly be genealogical boards of graphically displayed declarations signatories and their families.

The exhibition is a continuation of a project „Aristocratic message“ that has started up in 2012 at Potštejn castle. The project is under the auspices of his eminence cardinal Dominik Duka.


The first statement has signed 12 members of czech nobility, descendants of co-creators and wearers of czech nationhood. It was on 17th September 1938 and the declaration was adressed to the president Edvard Beneš. The second declaration called „The declaration of Czech and Moravian nobility in September, 1939“ was adressed to presidents successor Emil Hácha. It has signed 85 members from 33 aristocratic clans. It is going to be 75 years afterwards since its publication on the 7th Septeber 2014. Each of the panels that are at the exhibition brings information about history, clan background, seats and major characters of clans and families all signatories that sign the second declaration.


The exhibition should became a touring one for 5 years right after its ending at Prague castle. You will be able to see it in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. We also hope to cross the borders of the Czech Republic. The exhibition itself ends in September, 2019 when it is an 80th anniversary of the events mentioned above. It should become a constant exhibition also enriched of factographic records from its journeying. The constant exhibition will be in the building of Nation Museum because it is a place that estabilished a lot of signatories.


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